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MS Boys Track

Middle School Track & Field
No Excuses, Just Results.
3:10 – 4:30
Continuous warm-up until 3:15 – must warm-up 5 minutes – whistle will blow.
After our continuous run, get in your groups by assigned captain and do the warm-up.
Running events are from 3:25-4:00.
If you are a Jumper, Sprinter or Distance, you practice until 4:00 with your running group.
If you JUST throw you practice with Coach. Mielke.
Field events are from 4:00-4:30.
High Jump – Coach Erb.
Throws – Coach Mielke
Long Jump – Coach Graham
Bring warm clothes to practice (Sweats, gloves, warm hat, etc…). With over 100 athletes we cannot practice inside. Expect to go outside no matter what. If you can’t practice due to proper clothing, it is unexcused.
Practice ends at 4:30. Unless you are working with a Coach or supervised staff, you must go home.
If we have to wait later than 4:45 for you to get picked up, on the third occurrence you lose your priority for events at the next meet. The fourth occurrence, you will be asked to miss the next meet. At the fifth occurrence, you will be asked to turn in your uniform. If you can’t get picked up by 4:30, you can ask your ride to pick you up at the library.
There will be a box in the office for notes. Please leave your notes in the box for all excused absences. If you don’t have a note, it is unexcused. What happens after 3 unexcused absences?

6th Grade Sports Information

If your son or daughter will be playing a 6th grade sport this year, please read the following information. *You must register online at Please select Winnebago High School when entering your information. *There is a participation fee for the following 6th grade sports. (Cross Country, Wrestling, Track)  all other sports are FREE. *We […]



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