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Winnebago Lady Indians New Updated Forreston Tournament Information
The Lady Indians will be heading to Forreston High School to take part in their annual holiday tournament.  Schedules for the tournament are as follows:

Tournament Schedule: The team listed first will be the home team and will wear white. Varsity teams are in bold font.


HS GYM                                                         JH GYM


Thursday, November 16


5:00 Stockton vs. Winnebago                        5:00 Rochelle vs. Eastland

6:30 Rochelle vs. Eastland                             6:30 Stockton vs. Winnebago

8:00 Morrison vs. Forreston                           8:00 Morrison vs. Forreston


Friday, November 17

5:00 Rochelle vs. Stockton                              5:00 Rochelle vs. Stockton

6:30 Morrison vs. Winnebago                          6:30 Eastland vs. Forreston

8:00 Eastland vs. Forreston                             8:00 Morrison vs. Winnebago


Saturday, November 18


9:00 Forreston vs. Rochelle                            9:00 Winnebago vs. Eastland

                                    10:30 Stockton vs. Morrison


Monday, November 20


5:00 Morrison vs. Eastland                              5:00 Winnebago vs. Rochelle

6:30 Winnebago vs. Rochelle                         6:30 Morrison vs. Eastland

8:00 Forreston vs Stockton                            8:00 Forreston vs. Stockton


Tuesday, November 21


5:00 Stockton vs. Eastland                            5:00 Rochelle vs. Morrison

8:00 Winnebago vs Forreston                       8:00 Winnebago vs Forreston



Tie Breaker Guidelines:

Final places will be determined by using the criteria listed below:

  1. Win/Loss record
  2. If 2 teams are tied, result of head-to-head contest between the tied teams
  3. If more than 2 teams are tied, the following criteria will be applied until a winner is determined:
    1. Total point differential (+ or -)
    2. Point differential (+or -) of game(s) lost
    3. Total points allowed
    4. Free-throw percentage

Ticket Prices:  $4.00 for adults and $3.00 for students each day.  No activity or conference passes will be honored.